The Importance of Seasonal Vehicle Maintenance

Every year your vehicle takes you to and from all of the places that you want and need to go to. A vehicle is like a human in that it is a delicate balance of working parts working together to achieve a goal. With a vehicle, that goal is to propel you forward, or backward, to your destination and every mile that it passes over adds new to wear and tear on your vehicle. Each season brings with it a set of damages that your vehicle undergoes and so it becomes...

Seasonal Maintenance Milestones For Your Vehicle…

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Explore the Top Safety Benefits of a New SUV

For those who have only ever purchased a sedan or other compact car, the benefits of an SUV may be uncertain or unrecognized. Beyond the obvious benefits of storage size and capacity, there are few other great reasons to purchase an SUV from our staff at Galeana Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Most notably, the fuel economy has improved dramatically over the last 10 years. Many SUVs now get over 30 miles per gallon, making them just as efficient nearly any other sedan on the market. When it comes to safety, sport utility vehicles outclass anything else on the market.

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Tips for Driving Safely On Halloween

As a motorist, one of the days you need to be careful how you drive is Halloween. This is because there a lot of children on the road and you have to watch out for them. Our team at Galeana Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram recommends practicing some basic road rules during this period and following these tips for safe Halloween fun this year!

  • When you are driving through a neighborhood, slow down because children may pop up anytime.
  • As much as it’s time to have fun, ensure that you drive while sober.
  • Enter and exit driveways carefully.
  • Keep your…
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2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited Has the Elegance to Make You Want to Make Those Daily Commutes

Do you want to feel excited about doing your daily commutes? If you are driving in the 2017 Jeep Cherokee Limited, you can! With an abundant amount of elegance, you can relish in the interior made up of heated leather-trimmed front seats and even a heated steering wheel for comfort. This interior has a sophisticated and sporty look that may appeal to many...

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