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My Car Doesn't Seem to Start Like It Used to! What's Wrong?

When a car turns over slowly and doesn't seem to want to start, it might be your battery. If it turns over and then suddenly perks up and starts, you will need to check your battery for dead cells or simply because it is too old.

Batteries do a lot of work: turning over the starter motor, your headlights, tail lights, windshield wipers, radio, horn, electric windows and locks, and even your dashboard lights come into play when you're talking about battery usage. The constant draining of the battery and recharging can cause a lot of wear on…

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Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

When you buy your new vehicle, your goal is to keep that car on the road and keep it running smoothly. Just like anything else the upkeep of your vehicle is very important, and you should always keep your vehicle serviced and always maintain the maintenance of your new vehicle.
However what is just as important is to get your vehicle checked out when the check engine light comes on. Now if the check engine light does come on, there are usually five probable reasons.
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Don't Go Far!

If you went a little further than you wanted the last time you used your brake pedal, it might be time for a brake service. Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car. Don't neglect them until you can't stop your car. Here are some signs it's time for a brake service:
  • The dashboard brake light comes on
  • Your brake pedal feels spongy or pushes to the floor when you brake
  • There's a squealing or grinding sound from your wheels when you apply the brakes
  • Your car pulls to one side when you…
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2018 Dodge Durango SRT: Fire-Breathing, But Family Friendly

Drivers who opt for a three-row SUV want utility, and that’s something that the Dodge Durango has in spades. Not only can it fit up to seven comfortably, it can also tow the family boat or jet skis with very little problem when it has a V8 equipped. But what if we told you there was a version of the Durango coming that could tow more, and hit 60 mph in 4.4 seconds?

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This RAM Heavy Duty Has What You've Been Missing!

When someone is looking to buy a truck they typically have a set of questions that need to be answered first, which are usually followed by demands as well. These days technology, structure, design, and even perks are an expected consumer attribute when it comes to vehicles. We tend to always want the best of the best, but who doesn't? This year all the truck people may finally have what they've wanted all in one.

The RAM Heavy Duty offers the consumer everything from efficient storage space to the best fuel economy truck in all full-size pickups. Not…

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